The Mini Zone was created so people in the city could have the best experience with their MINI ELECTRIC. It's a new way of seeing the city you know and love.
Why the MINI Zone? MINI ELECTRIC is the perfect city car, and for millennials, staying in city limits has it’s perks. It’s fun to drive, the city is fun to explore, and parking in a tight city  spot is a breeze. All they need is a little push.
The COOP is all about your self expression. It’s an EV charging rest stop where people don’t just stop there on the way to their destination, it IS their destination. We're creating the Mecca of EV rest stops, a MINI electric branded futuristic destination.
The COOP sets the physical border for the MINI Zone: this is the point where you can get to the city limit and back on a single charge. 
With the COOP, EV drivers now have a sense of the MINI Zone and how easy it is to explore their city. It’s taking you to the edge of your comfort zone, at the city limit. 
Since electricity can be transferred, MINI ELECTRIC wants our community to feel the electricity that brings us all together, so we are showing up as neon.
Grab a drink and play some glow in the dark MINI golf while you wait for your MINI ELECTRIC to charge outside.
Hobbies enrich our lives, but many Millennials put off their passions. It can be hard to find places to go and it's scary to try new things. 
We are changing this by giving MINI ELECTRIC drivers credits to exclusive classes in the MINI Zone that encourages them to try something new and different. 
We're placing OOH in our launch city of San Francisco to make people aware of the MINI zone, whether they are an EV owner or not.
Once people know about the MINI Zone, we'll show up at community-oriented activities to show that MINI ELECTRIC owners get elevated access to the best options to try new things. Scanning the QR code takes you straight to the MINI app where you too can become a part of the MINI Zone.
For the next phase of our campaign, when we launch this nationally, we will partner with YouTubers to show how the MINI Zone can tap into major cities all across the United States.  

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